Sustainable Condo 2007 Sponsorship Flyer

Share the green dream by becoming a sponsor!
In collaboration with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), the EcoSmart Foundation is presenting the Sustainable Condo exhibit to several events in Toronto throughout 2007. A single sponsorship provides a variety of benefits, including promotional access on websites and at all exhibits. The attached document below contains further information on levels of involvement for sponsors and product suppliers.

Eco Response Technologies

The Cent-a-Meter real time energy meter
The Centameter acts as an electricity speedometer in the home, building awareness of electricity cost on a real-time basis. Confirm at a glance that nothing has been left on when on your way out of the house. Identify the high power consuming devices, and minimize their operation accordingly.

Nemalux LED Lighting Solutions

LED lighting
Nemalux is a revolutionary, energy efficient, ultra compact light source, combining the lifetime and reliability advantages of LEDs with the brightness of conventional lighting. Nemalux offers huge advantages over conventional lighting and other LED solutions. Nemalux products are smaller, lighter, and more environmentally friendly.