Dual-flush toilet

The dual-flush toilet has 3 and 4 litre flush options, saving 25%-50% potable water compared to a conventional 6 litre flush toilet.
Proven through performance and acceptance by use in major hotels around the world, these award winning toilets are beautifully designed and capable of saving up to 80% of your toilets previous annual water usage. The full 100cm trapway ensures blockages are avoided. The City of Toronto offers a $60-$75 rebate for toilet replacement.
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Green Roofs: Stormwater Management From the Top Down

Article from Environmental Design + Construction Magazine, 01/15/2001
Green roofs are an innovative stormwater management solution that can simultaneously improve the energy performance of buildings, air quality and the urban ecology – all without taking up additional land. This article covers many aspects of green roofs, including: construction materials, maintenance requirements, advantages, stormwater management, energy efficiency, urban ecology, suitable applications, potential limitations, cost considerations, and funding and incentives.
weblink: edcmag.com/CDA/Archives/d568f635d8697010VgnVCM100000f932a8c0____