Paul Martin visits the Sustainable Condo

Paul Martin (centre) tours the Sustainable Condo with Peter Busby at GLOBE 2004 .
Martin “demanded to see it,” says Busby, “then he had lots of questions about why these features are not yet standard for Canadian construction.” Peter Busby, qtd. in Trevor Boddy “A condo with eco-smarts”, Vancouver Sun, August 31, 2004.

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Organic Linens: A Primer on Selecting Organic Bedding and Towels

Article from the Organic Trade Association s O Mama Report.
This article includes information about the differences between organic and “natural” or “green” linens, selecting and caring for organic cotton sheets and towels, definitions of sheeting, and a list of companies (with web addresses) who carry organic bedding and household linens.

Fast-growing wood

The condo ribs provide an enclosure or vessel for the exhibit.
The ribs are made of Timberstrand, a new manufactured wood product (Laminated Strand Lumber), which is a next-generation, high-end oriented strand board (OSB). Timberstrand is available in sheets that are 13/4” thick, 8’ wide and up to 30 feet long. From an environmental standpoint, Timberstrand LSL provides an alternative to old growth timber for some applications. Timberstrand is made from aspen, which will regenerate in less than a 30-year rotation. A plentiful, fast-growing, and otherwise under-utilized species, aspen is used instead of centuries-old trees. The Timberstrand structure provides an enclosure or vessel for the exhibit. Up to four-storey high condo developments can be built with this material; high-rise condominiums cannot be built with this product. However, this product shows the wood products industry is moving forward to make products that are not from old growth forests.

Ultra High Performance Concrete

The ramps conducting to the condo are made with an Ultra High Performance concrete produced by Lafarge, called Ductal®.
Overall, Ductal® uses less material than traditional concrete to achieve same strength. Ductal® concrete incorporates strengthening fibres, is extremely resistant to external stresses, has a wide range of uses and great workability.

Energy Metering Device

The in-home customer information unit reduces wasteful non-essential energy usage and educates consumers on their energy consumption.
An energy metering device measures the amount and dollar value of electricity consumed per day or month. This real-time electricity display shows at a glance the occupant how much electricity is being used, calculated in cents/hour. Aside from giving consumers a better idea of what their energy use is attributed to, energy metering devices also allow for the possibility of a pay-as-you-go system for energy consumption. Examples of energy meters include the Eco-Response Cent-a-meter and the PowerWatch from MJ Innovations.

Healthy mattress

100% natural latex foam mattress is a healthy alternative to conventional mattresses and standard latex foam.
The mattress is environmentally friendly and biodegradable but does not breakdown so there is no need to flip. It is also anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic.

Duvet coverlet

Purist jumbo waffle weave duvet coverlet is made from all natural Egyptian cotton and contains no dyes or bleaches. It is non-allergenic.