All natural, organic cotton, hemp, and wool materials will help to create a warm, comfortable living space that contributes to the overall health and well-being of occupants.
Look for sheets, towels, and blankets made of cotton, hemp, or wool (all renewable fibres) that is organically grown, of natural colour or dyed with natural or envrironmentally-safe dyes, and free of fabric finishes. The condo s soft zone reversible floor panel cushions are made from 100% natural latex foam and fabric that is natural and organically grown.

Equipment and Appliances

Selecting equipment and appliances using energy efficiency and water conservation as criteria can save money and reduce pollution.
The combined washer/dryer (shown left) displayed in the Condo is an excellent example of an energy efficient appliance. Because it combines two appliances in one, it also takes up less space.


Imagine if the next 10,000 condos built in your city were sustainable condos rather than conventional condos…
We could continue to preserve our agricultural land reserve and natural heritage and create liveable sustainable communities.