Kitchen/Dining Room

The flooring and millwork in the condo s dining room use FSC certified wood. Look for clothes and dish washers that consume less water, and clothes dryers and refrigerators that consume less energy.
The “reusing kitchen water” diagram linked on the right shows how water from the clothes washer and dishwasher is reused as grey water for the toilet and landscaping. The “Dining/Food Prep Area” link shows how the kitchen table easily converts to a prep centre. The kitchen includes a panel that showcases the radiant heating system. For information about the types and advantages of radiant heat, click on the link under “Resources” (right).

Land Use

The Sustainable Condo encourages dense urban living and effective use of space.
The population of the Greater Vancouver region is expected to double by 2020. Given that more than half of the land used in Vancouver is already occupied by housing it will be a challenge to provide enough land for housing, while also preserving our farmland, green space and natural heritage. Urban sprawl all over the world is threatening agricultural lands, green space, and recreational opportunities. The Sustainable Condo encourages dense urban living and effective use of space, particularly in cities such as Vancouver and Toronto. Our housing choices have land use impacts beyond our community’s borders. The resource and associated land requirements for producing the materials used to construct and operate our homes, and to dispose of the materials after their useful life are much greater than the physical space occupied by the building itself.