Sustainable Condo at the 2008 CNE

EcoSmart s Sustainable Condo was open to the public during the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) at Exhibition Place in Toronto, August 15-September 1, 2008.
The Sustainable Condo was in the CNE’s “Green Zone” within the CMHC Eco Pods (the former Music Building). The exhibit was open throughout the fair with guides on hand to explain more about the environmental features of this green dream home. Throughout the 2008 CNE, 55,000 people visited the condo exhibit. Alongside the Sustainable Condo were the Toronto Fashion Incubator, Hydrogen Village, and a number of other exhibits to promote the idea that the transition from environmentally-friendly design to everyday life is easier than you think. Daily CNE Green Zone features included: *Sustainable Condo exhibit open to the public *Green yoga/pilates demonstrations, hosted by Adaptive Movements *Interactive green design workshops with local artists and designers. *Tours of the Exhibition Place Wind Turbine hosted by TREC/Windshare. CNE’s “Green Day” on Tuesday, August 19 was hosted by David Bednar and packed with special features, such as: *A special Green Day event and media launch where attendees heard interesting green innovators speak. This was followed by an exciting green fashion show presented by the Toronto Fashion Incubator. *Sustainable Condo guided tour: suppliers of the products & services displayed in the condo led a tour through the exhibit. *Toronto Fashion Incubator: an exhibit of green clothing design, featuring garments made by Canadian designers using earth friendly materials and processes. Skye Textiles provided an informative display and samples of eco-friendly fabrics. *Kid’s Green Fashion Design Contest: an area of the Green Zone where kids worked with fashion interns to create the future of earth friendly fashion. Designs were on display throughout the CNE and prizes awarded. *Hydrogen Village: a display to educate fairgoers about the future of hydrogen as an alternative energy source. *Adaptive Movements: information on how to green your workout, with samples of eco-friendly workout equipment and daily interactive demonstrations on yoga/pilates using eco-friendly materials. *Ecotecture Canada: an art exhibit curated by Ecotecture Canada (a charitable organization dedicated to addressing issues of environment and sustainability in a public forum) in which artists critically explore the relationship between art and the environment. Featured sculptures by Robert Hengeveld, Lauren Nurse and Michael Brown. *Car Heaven: displays and information described how to permanently remove high-polluting cars from Canadian roads.

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