OZZ Coporation

Mini-boiler, programmable thermostat and power pipe
The OZZ Corporation s tankless hot water heater provides domestic hot water on demand, eliminates the need for a storage tank and associated space, and has a high thermal efficiency of up to 95%. It can also provide space heating when integrated with air handler and can be integrated with radiant heating system. Image shown here is of the OZZ Quietside boiler. Look for products with the Energy Star label. OZZ Corporation is a leading delivery partner for integrated smart metering, climate control and energy management solutions to property developers and utilities across Ontario. OZZ is a tireless voice for conservation and innovative technologies, offering customers cost-effective solutions to fundamentally change how energy is measured and managed. Call 1.866.969.6001 or visit www.ozzcorp.com for more information on how OZZ can help you get your energy s worth!
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