Radiant Floor Heating and Cooling Systems

An Energy Savers publication from the US Department of Energy s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy department.
This article outlines the advantages and types of radiant floor heating, floor coverings that may be used, types of tubing, controlling the system, radiant floor cooling, and the cost of radiant floor heating.
weblink: energysavers.gov/your_home/space_heating_cooling/index.cfm/mytopic=12590

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Condo Visitors at the PNE

Visitors checking out the breathing wall/solarium of the Sustainable Condo.
Comments from visitors to the display at the PNE include: • “I really like the ideas of energy efficiency and dual-uses of same appliances.” • “Really great layout and nice. Modern and cool stuff.” • “Fantastic concept.” • “Water and heat reuse and conservation were ingenious and excellent.” • “Great idea. I love the bed vent and the grey water washroom.”

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Sustainable Condo Visitors

Visitors line up to tour the Condo at the PNE 2004.
Comments from visitors to the display at the PNE include: •”Very thought provoking – nice to see someone’s thinking about important issues.” •”So nice – it s about time someone came up with this!” •”What a great idea! Definitely inspires me to watch my energy conservation.” •”Excellent. I appreciated the information about the water reusage and reuse systems.”

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Paul Martin visits the Sustainable Condo

Paul Martin (centre) tours the Sustainable Condo with Peter Busby at GLOBE 2004 .
Martin “demanded to see it,” says Busby, “then he had lots of questions about why these features are not yet standard for Canadian construction.” Peter Busby, qtd. in Trevor Boddy “A condo with eco-smarts”, Vancouver Sun, August 31, 2004.

Dining/Food Prep Area

The reconfigurable dining room offers different options for dining and food preparation.
The wood-surfaced version serves as a conventional-height table with seating for two or three. The table may be moved higher to serve as a bar or buffet, or flipped over to reveal a stainless steel preparation surface.

Soft Zone Configurations

The living room of the Condo features a floor configuration that can be rearranged to create extra seating/lounging/sleeping space.
The nine floor panels have hardwood on one side and cushioning on the other, and can be easily flipped over and moved around to change the look and functionality of the floor.

Live/Work Space

The live/work space (home office and living room) features a TV monitor that swings around to be used as the monitor for the home office computer, making efficient use of space and resources.