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Print&Run has been offering printing and copying services since 1987.
Now Print&Run has been acquired by THE PRINTING HOUSE LTDâ„¢. In a highly competitive environment, TPH has managed to sustain continued growth for the past 43 years. Our unique culture of highly empowered business units allows for our solution and service providers to react quickly to the changing needs of our customers.

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Breathing wall/solarium

The breathing wall/solarium functions as a thermal buffer, a solarium space, and an air filter.
1. It provides a thermal buffer (double façade or double skin) for the unit or building. This envelope construction provides an additional insulated layer during the winter. Since it has an operable window on the outer side, fresh air can enter into the cavity before entering into the unit. 2. This design feature of the Condo also provides a solarium space for the homeowners. In traditional compact condominiums there is no space for growing plants. These elements provide a mini greenhouse. 3. Vegetation (plants/herbs) inside the breathing wall/solarium improves the indoor air quality by filtering pollutants from the outdoor air. The herbs are a food source and provide fragrant air in the condo living space. The breathing wall was custom-designed for the Sustainable Condo by Busby Perkins+Will architects.

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Fast-growing wood

The condo ribs provide an enclosure or vessel for the exhibit.
The ribs are made of Timberstrand, a new manufactured wood product (Laminated Strand Lumber), which is a next-generation, high-end oriented strand board (OSB). Timberstrand is available in sheets that are 13/4” thick, 8’ wide and up to 30 feet long. From an environmental standpoint, Timberstrand LSL provides an alternative to old growth timber for some applications. Timberstrand is made from aspen, which will regenerate in less than a 30-year rotation. A plentiful, fast-growing, and otherwise under-utilized species, aspen is used instead of centuries-old trees. The Timberstrand structure provides an enclosure or vessel for the exhibit. Up to four-storey high condo developments can be built with this material; high-rise condominiums cannot be built with this product. However, this product shows the wood products industry is moving forward to make products that are not from old growth forests.

Research House for the Environmentally Hypersensitive

Provides a throrough description of CMHC s prototype research house for environmentally hypersensitive people.
Provides details about a prototype house designed and constructed by CMHC to demonstrate and provide an opportunity to evaluate a range of innovative features which can help achieve a clean indoor environment while reducing the cost of housing for people who are environmentally hypersensitive and others who suffer from allergies and respiratory diseases, such as asthma.

Hot drain water enery recovering system

Hot drainwater clings to the inside of the all-copper Power Pipeâ„¢ in a thin film, efficiently transferring its heat (recycling energy) to incoming cold water circulating in the coils.
The Power-Pipeâ„¢ uses the ultra-high heat transfer and thermal-conductive properties of copper to recycle heat for your drainwater and reduce your hot water bill. By taking the heat from wastewater that goes down your drain, the Power-Pipeâ„¢ (also known as GFX) pre-heats the fresh water heading into your hot water tank, providing significant savings and energy efficiency!