Insulating Glass

Sunlite Heat Mirrorâ„¢ Insulating Glass uses a clear, low-emissivity, wavelength selective coated film suspended between two glass panes.
This system dramatically improves thermal performance and insulation, meanwhile blocking 99.5% UV, eliminating condensation, controlling noise, and reducing energy costs. Look for products with the Energy Star label.

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Organic Linens: A Primer on Selecting Organic Bedding and Towels

Article from the Organic Trade Association s O Mama Report.
This article includes information about the differences between organic and “natural” or “green” linens, selecting and caring for organic cotton sheets and towels, definitions of sheeting, and a list of companies (with web addresses) who carry organic bedding and household linens.

Personal computers

Some discarded computers can be refurbished and reused by others. Reusing computers and recycling the components that cannot be reused saves energy, reduces pollution, and conserves landfill space.
500 million personal computers will become obsolete by 2007; most will go to landfills or incinerators. The volume of electronic waste is rising by 3% to 5% per year – almost 3 times faster than municipal waste. When we dump our old computers in landfills, hazardous materials, such as lead and mercury can contaminate the soil, air and groundwater.

Energy wall

The “Energy Wall” glazing with integrated Photovoltaic panels with a surface area of 3.75 m_ can produce 670 kWh/yr, which could offset $70/year in electricity costs.
The energy wall displayed in the Sustainable Condo was custom-made for the exhibit by Advanced Glazing Systems (embedded PV cells were provided by Saint Gobain). If you would like to incorporate such a feature into your home, please ask your local specialty glaziers what they can do for you.