Research House for the Environmentally Hypersensitive

Provides a throrough description of CMHC s prototype research house for environmentally hypersensitive people.
Provides details about a prototype house designed and constructed by CMHC to demonstrate and provide an opportunity to evaluate a range of innovative features which can help achieve a clean indoor environment while reducing the cost of housing for people who are environmentally hypersensitive and others who suffer from allergies and respiratory diseases, such as asthma.

Hot drain water enery recovering system

Hot drainwater clings to the inside of the all-copper Power Pipeâ„¢ in a thin film, efficiently transferring its heat (recycling energy) to incoming cold water circulating in the coils.
The Power-Pipeâ„¢ uses the ultra-high heat transfer and thermal-conductive properties of copper to recycle heat for your drainwater and reduce your hot water bill. By taking the heat from wastewater that goes down your drain, the Power-Pipeâ„¢ (also known as GFX) pre-heats the fresh water heading into your hot water tank, providing significant savings and energy efficiency!

Cable lighting

Overhead cable lighting contains MR 16 LED spotlamps. These lamps only consume four watts of energy, four times the light (as halogen or equivalent wattage), and have a lamp life four times as long as
Cable lighting is the most flexible type of system – instead of straight wires, the power runs through a bendable monorail, which means you can create any shape in a room. The condo s “All Off” switch, typically located near the main entry, allows one to turn all lights off when exiting. Motion detectors and dimmer swtiches reduce light output and electricity use.

Steel or Wood Framing: Which Way Should We Go?

Article from Environmental Building News, Volume 3, No.4 — July/August 1994
Wood frame construction has been the unchallenged norm for residential building in North America for decades. Over the last few years, however, volatile wood prices, declining quality of framing lumber, and environmental concerns have led many builders to consider alternatives to wood.

Garibaldi Glass Industries Inc.

Supplier of high performance Architectural Glass to the glazing industry.
Garibaldi Glass is a leading wholesale supplier of high performance architectural glass to the glazing industry throughout Canada, the United States and Pacific Rim. We pride ourselves on working with building owners, architects and construction team members from original inception through completion to offer the best solution at the most cost effective method.