Climate Change

The Sustainable Condo shows how buildings, particularly urban condominiums, can be designed or updated to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
Climate change has already manifested itself across Canada. For instance, over the last century in British Columbia, the average annual temperature warmed by 0.6ºC on the coast, 1.1ºC in the interior, and 1.7ºC in the northern region. There and in many other areas of the country, climate change is contributing to the increase in the frequency and severity of “natural disasters”, such as floods, ice storms, forest fires, pine beetle infestations, and droughts. Around the world the situation has become even more severe. According to the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC), up to 40 per cent of GHG emissions in the country come from the operation of buildings. The places where we live and work therefore have a huge impact on climate change. By designing better buildings, retrofitting or incorporating green technologies and other efficient components into existing buildings, and making some changes to the way we use our buildings, we can greatly reduce the amount of GHG emissions they emit. The Sustainable Condo demonstration suite provides many practical examples of ways to reduce household energy consumption. See the rest of this website for further information. Also see the CMHC My Energy Savings Page to find out how simple home improvements such as energy-efficient lighting and appliances can help your household save energy and reduce your utility bills.


The Sustainable Condo employs many water-saving devices.
Water is one of the defining characteristics of the Vancouver region – the legendary winter rains, the Pacific Ocean, the mighty Fraser River, and the numerous streams that traverse the landscape. We perceive limitless water all around us and perhaps as a result we are amongst the greatest consumers of water in the world. At least half of the water consumed by a household – such as for our toilets, dishwashers, and clothes washing – doesn’t have to meet potable water standards. The average Lower Mainland resident uses approximately 325 litres of water per day at home. The Sustainable Condo will save a resident 100 litres of water per day.